websockets in python

I've been trying to find a library for doing websockets in python for a small project to just play around with websockets and later some RIAK. So far I tried a few but I can't get any to work. I think trying to use python3 is not really making it easier, and I had to discard one option directly. But writing new code in python2 is not something I want to be doing in 2013.

tornado looks pretty cool and would let me use the same async framework for doing the request to riak. But can't even get the most basic "hello world" application to respond.

I have wanted to try gevent for a long time, but sadly no py3. And some libs that I've looked at, like bottle-websockets, relies on gevent.

websockets module by aaugustin uses the tulip library and Futures. But it uses functions that was later removed from tulip (I think) and just crashes right away.

So it looks to be a pretty sad state for websockets in python land. Currently patching up the websockets module to work with the latest tulip feels like the most interesting option. Mostly because the PEP-3156 stuff would be fun to poke around with. But doing that misses the point a bit as I didn't want it be about the glue between the client and the database, but those two entities in themself.