code snippets

Added a page for collecting small snippets of shell, code and similiar

dubmood is on spotify

Found out that dubmood now have lots of stuff up on spotify today. Not really sure if that is news or months old.


Oh, and what the fuck is up with the super annoying overlay on the spotify site. A quick 'display: none' and it's possible to see the collection.

beep beep boop

Upgrading to OpenELEC 3.2.1

Upgrading my openelec to the latest release: 3.2.1. A pretty big update where you have to reconfigure everything. Currently it's importing my video library.

Fingers crossed everything still works after this

Review tools sucks

All code review tools sucks hard. They either are so full of themselves they need to take on the role of being your central code repository too (which come to think of it is a fucking travesty we even need in this world of DVCS). Or if they can't pull that off they insist on indexing your repository every minute to be even remotely usable.

Some make it pain to see changes made during the review process (and don't you dare rebase) and other tools hide the individual patches and just show you a big crappy blob. And creating a good system for viewing the comments also seems to be the hardest thing ever. Want to leave a comment on something other than exactly one line? though luck. And to find what have been said you have to shift through all diffs.

Some tools, do some of the things decently but they all fail horribly in some way. I think we might all be happier just using pastebin and email, or just email.



Wrote a makefile to help generate and upload these pages.

Trying to figure out jenkins build pipeline at work.

My experiment with creating a MUD with riak and websockets is coming along nicely. It's now possible to move between rooms and look around. The queries still feel a bit clunky, but I guess I have not gotten to the interesting bits yet. Also the error reporting is absolute shit.


ifconfig lo up

Turns out loopback was down on my laptop. After enabling it tornado started working. D'oh.

sudo /sbin/ifconfig lo up

websockets in python

I've been trying to find a library for doing websockets in python for a small project to just play around with websockets and later some RIAK. So far I tried a few but I can't get any to work. I think trying to use python3 is not really making it easier, and I had to discard one option directly. But writing new code in python2 is not something I want to be doing in 2013.

tornado looks pretty cool and would let me use the same async framework for doing the request to riak. But can't even get the most basic "hello world" application to respond.

I have wanted to try gevent for a long time, but sadly no py3. And some libs that I've looked at, like bottle-websockets, relies on gevent.

websockets module by aaugustin uses the tulip library and Futures. But it uses functions that was later removed from tulip (I think) and just crashes right away.

So it looks to be a pretty sad state for websockets in python land. Currently patching up the websockets module to work with the latest tulip feels like the most interesting option. Mostly because the PEP-3156 stuff would be fun to poke around with. But doing that misses the point a bit as I didn't want it be about the glue between the client and the database, but those two entities in themself.


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